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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mystery Writing and A Day at the Park

We are lucky, here in the Valley of the Sun, to have a wonderful chapter of the Sisters In Crime mystery writers organization. I'm not a member of Desert Sleuths, mostly because the meetings are at night and I don't drive at night. I do go to as many of their events as possible. They are a truly wonderful group.

Today was their spring seminar at the Scottsdale Civic Center.
I got there early and roamed around the park a bit. I really have to do this more often. It was so beautiful. There were families everywhere. Including this cute little family enjoying the cool water.
I even found a trumpet vine which surprised me because this is what my grandsons and I call the "Bee Tree" in Washington as I wrote about here.

I have a terrible time with my little digital camera because I can't see the screen and so most of my photos didn't turn out. Still, I soaked in the atmosphere, the wonderful scents and the sounds from all the fountains.

The seminar or workshop was very good. We learned about Plot, How to Build Suspense, Thrillers vs Mysteries, Constructing Killer Characters, and Capturing Perfect Settings among others.

One of the things that stood out was the author of numerous books said she and her six-year-old watch "Adam 12" reruns religiously.

Oh for the days when kids could watch most anything on tv. I prefer most of those oldies, too.