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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Borders Closing

Ever since I've been a writer I've been pulled to coffee shops. Isn't that why laptop computers were invented? For writers in coffee shops? Well, how about fountain pens? My favorite way to write is with a fountain pen and spiral notebook. Even when I'm working on a project on the computer. If I get stuck I start using pen and paper and the ideas flow again. I write most of my articles in longhand first.

My favorite place to go has been the Borders on Cactus Road a few miles from my house. It is now gone and I feel like a chunk of my life is also gone.

I can't even imagine how many words I wrote in that store. How many books and magazines I browsed and bought. Pens, journals, books for my daughter and later my grandkids. It's all been in that store right there.

I went by one day with pen and paper in hand to have one last hot chai and do some writing. The coffee shop was already closed. I looked around but didn't find any of the books on my list so I left. Melancholy set in as I saw the empty shelves, darkened coffee shop and booksellers who would soon be out of a job.

Of course, that got me to thinking about special places. Or perhaps "charged places" as my friend and fellow writer, Stella Pope-Duarte calls them. She talks about the ocean and other places that renew your energy.

Going to the mountains or the ocean is great but I was lucky to find one close to home and easily accessible. Now I'm searching for another one. Here I am with a chai at the Barnes & Noble at Desert Ridge. A nice place but not one that was on my regular route. That is obviously changed.

Other charged places in my life are Tombstone, Arizona. When I go to that town my energy explodes. Seattle seems to do that to me, too. I love the ocean but I haven't been there in ages. Mountain tops seem to draw me more. Closer to home I like antique shops, art centers and Old Town Scottsdale.

What are your special places? Where do you unwind or get energized?
If you don't have a special place close to home take the time to find one.