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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Four-Year-Old Me

How do you like the many mini-mes?
In my Yahoo Sketchbook Group we are doing an exchange of ourselves as fairies. They will be made in to 4 x 4 pages and swapped to go into a fat book. So I had to cut twelve little mes. That was somewhat relaxing and rather mindless...so I kept thinking about that little me.

What were her dreams? What was that four year old thinking? So much of my childhood has been blacked out. This could have been my first day of school. I remember my kindergarten teacher, somewhat. We had a piano in the classroom and I thought that was really something. There was a great play kitchen and I know I wanted to cook and be like my mother. Of course I had my crush on my cousin as I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Later I know I wanted to be a policewoman, like my mom. And of course I wanted to have horses. There was always the horses. I wanted to be a cowgirl. I think all through my childhood and up through highschool and into college becoming a policewoman was my main dream.
After cutting out the mini-mes I needed wings and happened to find a book on butterflies and moths in the dollar section at Target.

I had lots and lots of wings for my fairy me.

And now I need to take that little me and decide on backgrounds and embellishments.
In the meantime, more thoughts and memories are coming to the surface.

Take a picture of yourself as a child and study it. Think about that little girl or boy and what they wanted at that time. Learn more about yourself.


  1. Oh, real butterfly wings, how cute is that? They look wonderful already.

  2. Aw, I can't wait to see all the mini-you's in person! I don't remember much of childhood... here and there... throwing up on the first day of kindergarten because someone wiped soap in my mouth. I didn't have tons of friends, just a few good ones throughout school. Did my wishes and dreams for my mini-me come through? Not all of them and sometimes it makes me sad for that little girl.

  3. It's the perfect photo for a fairy!! I love this project--so much fun!

  4. I alwas played by the moss and left bread crumbs as I believed that was where the fairy lived!

  5. My kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Berg and she retired a year later. I remember the play kitchen area too, and the mats for naps. Looking forward to seeing you as a dozen little fairies.

  6. These are so sweet...just love the photo of mini-you and can't wait to see them all done ;)

  7. I love the mini you! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

  8. So fun - I thought you were making a Fairy School with the first picture...I'm headed for the dollar bin.


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