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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Talk With the Grandson

Yesterday my daughter, Jessica, called to say there was a little boy who wanted to talk to Grammy but wouldn't say why. Brendan came on the line to tell me, for the second time, all about their trip to Disneyland and Sea World.


The little guy is so excited about the trip he just had to tell somebody all about it. And Grammy had a blast hearing about it. Including the pirates that go "ARGH."
His favorite ride was Space . He also liked the train on Thunder Mountain. He went on the teacups, Dumbo, cars, Nemo's submarine, and the carousal. He mentioned the Tiki Tiki Room and I reached far back into my memory to sing the song and he joined in.

So much excitement it reminded of all the times we took Jessica to the Magic Kingdom.

They got to pet a dolphin but he was a little afraid of the whales.
The whales jumped "way up high" and splashed him in the face.

A reminder that we should always look at life as through the eyes of a child.