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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Favorite Toys

While shuffling through one of my boxes of family pictures...
I came across this one of my sister.

I've looked at this photograph hundreds (thousands?) of times. It has been in the family suitcase of photos for as long as I've been around. Yet, I never really took the time to LOOK at it.

It looks like it must have been her birthday. However, Betty's birthday was in February so that doesn't seem right. Unless it was an unusually warm February in Kansas. Or were they visiting somewhere else? These are things I don't know. And sadly I have no way to find out. No family members are here to tell me about that day. She looks four or five to me. I think there are other family pictures of that car so I think if was ours. Betty always talked about a dog that meant a lot to her, but right now I can't remember his name.

I'm sad I don't have these answers. That I didn't write the things I did know down.
(It's going to bug me all night until I remember that dog's name.)

Which became her favorite toy? Did the dog like to chase her on the tricycle?
Did she pretend she was riding a horse? Where was this? Who else was there?

Do you have photographs like this? Can you get the answers? Are there similar photos of you?
Will your grandchildren know about them?

Find a photo from your family and write about all the details you can.


  1. Oh Rita.
    Your post tugs at my heart.
    My siblings are all still here, but the layer above me: parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles -- they're mostly gone. There are times I wish I could ask them things. My own parents made sure to tell me lots about their own lives. My mom actually wrote ON photos so we'd know who was whom and when it happened; still I wonder about some things.

    I see photos sometimes in antique shops, piles of them discarded in a heap, and I look at those happy faces and wonder how it is that someone gave them away to a store and didn't treasure them anymore. How lucky your sister is that you care about that photo and want to know the answers to the questions.


  2. What a nice picture! But it makes me sad too that you can't get your answers anymore. So many questions... I have lots of pictures like that, mostly from my husbands side of the family. One day his aunt came over (only living relatives) and she told us who everyone is, as best as she could. I really need to do that with my mom and dad and all the pictures they have. Thanks for the reminder Rita. I hope you remember the dogs name!

  3. Don't you love how the cars always overwhelm the little characters in those pictures? Obviously someone was very proud of the car... She sure did get a lot of presents, unless she got to pick all her toys for the picture, to celebrate the new car?

  4. That you have the photos is wonderful. I have the opposite problem - my grandmother came to live at our house when I was in high school as she had early onset dementia. She told the stories over and over and over. All of us, myself and my 3 younger siblings can start one of the stories about her dog Mutt, and when one starts the telling all chime in with the chant "...and the dog's brother Jeff went to live with our cousins so they still got to see each other..."

    With my Mom's passing last November we have two aunts of that generation left. Sammy, the last of my dad's sisters and Barbara, my mother's sister, with our family e-mail round robin we are pumping those two aunties, as well as our older cousins. I have started a spreadsheet to turn into a family journal. It will be loose leaf and color coded so that my siblings will have our family and then they can add pages for the husband and wife family trees and the younger (now 2) generations can add pages as that happens too.

    Thanks Rita for the memory prompt. Lori from sketchbook


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