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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: First Crush

Last week I hinted at my first crush; besides my cousin that is. Maybe Jon was my first love because look at this picture. That's my mom holding me on the left and Jon being held by his mother, Alberta, on the right.
There's no date but I'm guessing early 1954. 
Here we are again.

My parent's cafe burned down soon after and we moved away from that town but my grandparents lived there for many more years so we did see Jon and his family again.

In second grade I went to live with my grandparents for the year.

Jon and I "met" and fell in love. I still remember one day during recess, or maybe it was after school, Jon took me in to our classroom. The only one there was the teacher. A wonderful, kind lady who's family owned a ranch in the area.
There in front of Mrs. Bentley, Jon gave me a ring and we swore our undying love, or whatever it is second graders swear.

Grandma later told me that Mrs. Bentley called to tell her about it. She thought it was so cute but we obviously didn't know we had known each other all our lives.

Back in Great Bend I didn't exactly forget Jon but life went on and then when I was thirteen Mom and I moved to Phoenix. A year or so later Jon's family moved to Tucson and came up to visit us. I don't remember that meeting very well but I think shyness was the word for that day.

We kept in touch and while in college a friend and I were touring southern Arizona and we stopped in to see Jon. I remember being sad when we left but that was about all. Jon married and had a little girl. I married and also had a little girl.
Jon passed away a short time later.

He still has a little place in my heart.

I've been hearing lots of great stories about first crushes. Thank you all for sharing, either as comments or in e-mails. It means a lot to me to stir your memories and help you get them down...hopefully on paper or saved somewhere safe.


  1. the account is just adorable..and they way you recount those memories in print is priceless! great job...so touching and sweet!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  2. Last week I told you about my first crush and this week I'll tell you about my first serious "boyfriend". We grew up together as kids of military families and we lived together in Africa, Maryland and New Hampshire. We lost touch for a few years when his dad retired and ours stayed in and we went on to Tawiwan and Panama. We came back to the states while in HS and we met up again at military family reunions. Dean and I soon became sweethearts. Due to the distance between our families we were on/again off/again for a while and met other mates. We did go to the same college and actually stayed in the same dorm...separated only by one floor. But fate never brought us together again as more than friends and we remained good friends until he passed this pass summer from the terrible disease leukemia. Like you, I will always hold a candle for my sweet friend.

  3. What a sweet and sad story Rita. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I enjoy reading your stories and viewing your pictures.


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