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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: First Crush and Weddings

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and everybody is thinking red, white, pink hearts.

Last week in the Writers Inspiration Group the leader asked us to write about our first crush.

I wrote about Johnny and I will share that story when I can find the picture of him.

In the meantime, meet my other young crush. Isn't he cute? He's also my cousin, Dean. Who knew in kindergarten or first grade that there was a problem with that. Dean is one year minus one day older than me and I spent many a summer and holiday with his family. He's the closest thing I ever had to a brother.

As the years went Dean, his younger sister, Kay, and I played marathon games of Risk and Monopoly.

 Dean played the trumpet, tap danced, played drums in a band, hunted, and worked on his family farm. He later became a deputy sheriff and has been elected for many terms as sheriff of his home county in Kansas. I've always been proud of my cousin and am proud to admit that I remember when walking to school with the neighbor boy I told him I was going to marry my cousin, Dean.

The years passed and I met Doug. We've been married for 34 years
Not bad, huh?

Who was your first crush?