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Monday, February 28, 2011

Poetry In Motion

 Saturday we spent six hours at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show. I haven't been to a show for years and this was my first time to see this amazing program. We watched the judging, visited vendors, toured barns and walked from arena to arena to see as much as possible.
 The Arabians were shown English and Western. I've always been drawn to English myself. Here's some western pleasure waiting for results. Look at the tail on that gray.

This was a dressage rider warming up. The clothing itself is amazing. I can't even imagine this lifestyle.
The barns had sitting areas with wide screen televisions, sofas and comfortable chairs. Behind curtains were the stalls and a chance to scratch a nose or two.

 Opposites. A dark horse pulling a cart and a gray with his winning ribbons.
Of course I found a heart.
In a way I lost my heart with the sounds, smells and feel of horses.

And felt like I was in heaven watching these beautiful animals:
Poetry In Motion.