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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sketchbook Projects

This seems to be the year for sketching. I see it as part of the trend to get back to basics, simplify, and take pleasure in the little things.
After all the dictionary defines sketch as 1: a rough drawing or outline, 2: a short or light literary composition (as a story or essay).

My sister, Betty, was one of those people who could sit down with a pencil and paper or even dip pen and paper and come up with a sketch of most anything you could ask for. She did it all her life.

I've tried off and on to follow her example but the last year or so all the forces seem to be coming together for me to get serious about sketching. Last year I did a workshop through the A.R.T. group based on Carla Sonheim's book, "Drawing Lab: For Mixed-Media Artists." I also did part of a workshop based on "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." Both of these helped me fall in love with drawing and sketching all over again.

Now there's the Sketchbook Challenge. This month we are to do a sketch of "something precious." Simple as that. With all that's been going on with my eyes I have been very strongly reminded that they are one of my most precious things. So I'm working on a sketch of my eyes along with my grandsons going on a walk. It isn't completed yet but I am enjoying it so much. You can see one of my favorite sketch artists here. Nikira sketches the way I want to, one day.

Another challenge that some of my friends have taken on; is taking a photograph every day. I'm spread too thin but it does have me thinking about my camera more. I've decided to take pictures of each part of my house. Today I did the back yard:
That is Holly, our rescue pigeon. She was hit by a car in front of our house and had a broken wing and other injuries. I nursed her back to health and she now lives in the aviary where I used to raise cockatiels.

I am always drawn to trees and the sunlight on this eucalyptus was eye catching.

Last but not least, my Maggie and her beautiful eyes.

Enjoy your everyday life through sketching, photographs, writings or just taking the time to notice the little things. We live in a beautiful world.