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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Warm Fuzzy Memories

While watching all the cold/snowy/icy weather on the news I was reminded of this photo of my mother shoveling the snow at our home in Great Bend, Kansas. I believe this was the last winter before we moved to Arizona. Mom never had to shovel snow again.
This week we are breaking records here in Arizona. Yesterday it was 82 degrees F. Although some are complaining that they can't get in to the spirit of Christmas with this warm weather; I am loving it.

While looking for the picture of mom I found another treasure.
This picture is from my sister's house quite a few years ago. The piece of furniture is her hope chest. I can still picture her sitting in front of it as it sat in the living room of our childhood home. She'd lay out the things inside obviously dreaming of her future home.

The tree lamp was always a favorite for both of us. It is now at my brother-in-laws and still works as far as I know. I don't know how many times I pictured little characters, or a tiny version of myself, in those ceramic branches. Perhaps that horse or those snowmen hanging on the branches of the Christmas tree sneak over there at night.

Old, and not so old photographs, are full of memories. When you can't be with the people you love, sit quietly with a cup of tea and a box of photos and their love will surround you. If you are spending the holidays with loved ones take the time to notice the little things. Take pictures of the everyday. Even though the tree lamp just happened to be there when my sister took this picture it has brought me some warm fuzzies from her this year too. 

What are some of your warm fuzzy memories?