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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: First Steps

First Steps

This is my mom on the day she took her first steps.
Grandma said she just started down the sidewalk and that was that.

Look closely at her face. There is determination, pride, and a bit of joy.

That was my mom. She was always taking bold steps; raising us girls on her own, making our home the best she could, fighting cancer with every bit of her being.

She was a source of inspiration for everyone around her right down to her great grandchildren. She will continue to be an inspiration in the stories we pass down about her.

There's the story about when she was about five years old they were visiting my great grandparents. They were going to have roast beef but Mom wanted chicken. So out she went to the chicken yard, caught and killed a chicken and brought it in to the kitchen for dinner.

In 1967 she decided to leave Kansas and come to Arizona to try and make a new start. Just her and me,
 the dog, a cat and a U-Haul trailer full of everything we owned. I didn't want to leave my friends and school in Kansas so I know I wasn't easy to deal with on that trip.  

This has me thinking about all the first steps we take in our life.
There are the obvious ones like baby Viola, first jobs, college, first apartment, first love.
What about all the little steps you take every day?

Stepping out of your comfort zone to help somebody else, trying some new art technique or showing your work for the first time, submitting an essay or short story to a magazine, joining a book discussion group, trying a new food.

What steps have you taken recently? Were they baby steps or big steps?
It really doesn't matter, just that you took them.