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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hello Blogland Friends,

I'm sitting in Border's with a large hot chai enjoying the day. I'm feeling good today; much better than I have in quite a while, and not just physically. I'm finding this rather strange because is a chilly, rainy day and usually this kind of day sends me right in to the dooldrums. Not today.

When I came I was going to work on my article for the Tombstone Times but suddenly I felt like talking to my blog friends. So this post may ramble a bit. I have had a Border's rewards card for a long time. I had two coupons today, one for the free hot chai and another I used to buy a package of Tazo tea for a friend. I slept well last night. All these things have added up to this good day and lots of positive thoughts. Isn't it wonderful?

I've been working on building my herd of "Inner Critics" and having fun with them. One friend bought one from my Etsy shop and commented how it really does work for her to zip that mouth a few times to make her smile, clear her mind, and get her ready to write. Thanks, Windy, it's great to hear they are serving their purpose.

Well, it is a few days later and I'm back at Borders. It is much quieter and I had to pay for my chai but it's another good day. Saturday was the Phoenix Writers Club Christmas meeting. I had some of my Inner Critics with me and Quinn, a creativity coach bought two. Then she went home and blogged about them, describing them much better than I ever could. Take a look here. She even filled in for the club secretary and did the minutes to Twas the Night Before Christmas. (Thanks, Quinn.)

It seems I was meant to carry this post over. By-the-way I did get my article in to the Tombstone Times.  whew. So here I am still feeling good, enjoying my chai, and wishing you all a very safe and happy holiday.


  1. Wish I was at Borders having a chai with you Rita!!

  2. Hey Rita...you should have titled this post...chai, chai, chai ;) Sorry I couldn't resist...lol So glad you had a great couple of days at Borders enjoying your chair and blogging...I use to do that sometimes when we lived closer to a Barnes & Noble and I needed to get out of our apartment. But here at the Love Shack I don't feel as claustrophobic...even though it is small than our apt. was at the time...it just feels brighter and it's so peaceful here ;) Love your critters! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Fondly, Roberta

  3. So cute! Love the actual ability to zip and upzip.


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