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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Childhood Photos

I am taking Willowing's Art, Heart and Healing on line class. It is an AMAZING class. I'm behind but I will get there. I'm learning so much and thinking about so many new things.

One of the lessons was to find photos of yourself under the age of three. That was a bit of a challenge but I finally came up with these.
the first one is with my dad. Don't you love the hat? I don't have any idea where we were when this was taken.

This one is with my cousin Ron. We were at our grandparents in Montezuma, Kansas. Montezuma was and is a tiny town. Grandad was the one and only barber. There was a corner market, a drug store and the ever present grain elevator. It is a few miles from Dodge City. How simple life was then. An old can and some sand or dirt and we were happy. There are other pictures taken at the same time with some of the older cousins playing marbles.

This was obviously Easter. That's my sister with me. She looks concerned. She told me that I was really
sick that day and she felt really sorry for me. I actually remember that little coat. It was turquoise
and had a rhinestone button at the top. I wonder why I had my little gloved hands held out as if begging for "some more, please."

I was a sad, withdrawn child. Actually I don't have many memories. Willowing asked us to think about our dreams for the child that was you. I wish for her a happy life, full of fond memories, love and support.

What childhood photos would you like to share with us? What memories are associated with them? Do you remember the clothing you had on or the toys you were playing with? Leave a link in your comment, I would love to visit your small selves and I'm sure other readers would too.

(I'll post my spread for the class when I finish it.)