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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art Heals

"When life is difficult, do something to help someone else, and your problems will diminish. There is always someone much worse off than you," said Jane Seymour while discussing one of the lessons learned from her mother.

There was much more to the story but I didn't take notes or record her discussion at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. Jane spoke of caring for others, her children, going through devastating times, her art, and the loss of her mother. She touch our hearts as she has done so many times in the past.

We were there for the signing of her latest book Among Angels. It is a beautiful work filled with heartfelt quotes and artwork straight from this wonderful woman's own heart.
I was amazed when people in the audience talked about watching "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" and gaining strength from Jane through her character. I hadn't really thought about it that way. Jane played the part of a strong determined woman on our western frontier. More than that, she played herself and I think that is why so many people were drawn to that show that lasted 6 or 7 seasons when most didn't think it would last a few episodes. 

She found art during a desperate part of her life and it helped save her just as I've read so many times in magazines and in BlogLand. Art Saves. Art Heals. But, going back to Jane's comment about her mother...by sharing your art and yourself you spread healing throughout the world.

Thank you, Jane, for a beautiful message when I needed it most. Thank you fellow artists for sharing of your selves.