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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Generations, Nellie Keith Martin

These two pictures have me thinking about generations. How each one affects the next. And the younger ones affect the ones that came before. This is me with my great grandmother Nellie. I remember her smell, her feel, and her kindness. She was loved by the entire family.

She was born in Illinois and travelled West in a covered wagon. They settled in some dugouts in Southwestern Kansas. You can still see the shape of the dugouts in the side of "Keith Canyon." They later moved to Fowler where Nellie's father built the "Keith House." It is still standing as far as I know.

This photo was taken in Montezuma, near Dodge City Kansas; thus the Dodge City paper in her lap.

The next photo is Nellie with most of her great
grandchildren. That's my sister up upper left
corner and me in the lower right corner.
One child is missing and three more were born after this photo.
Nellie only had one child and still got a good flock of

All of these children now have children, some of those have children, and there is even one in the next generation. Kind of mind-boggling.

And that makes me think I just have to post this wonderful picture of that newest generation.

I leave you with this bad hair day.
Post your stories or include a link to your stories so we can all enjoy your generations.