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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Horseshow

Here we are again. Amazing how the weeks are flying by. Those of you who have been following my blog the last couple of days won't be surprised at my prompt for this week.... HORSES.

Yes, write about something that has to do with horses. These don't have to be real horses, how about hobby horses, carousel horses, horse paintings, stickers, your favorite horse book. Any memory that has to do with a horse.

I wanted to write more about my Blaze. He was such a funny horse. He was boarded at a stables about a mile from our house. On holidays we would go by and give him a special treat; carrots with the tops on, apples and even a peeled orange. He loved oranges.

I rode him all over. I rode English and even tried taking him over some very small jumps. I rode him Western and took him over the trail course at the stables. A friend and I packed lunches and rode out to the McDowell Mountains. That would be impossible now as it has been built up so much.

I rode him throughout my pregnancy (which gave my mother heart flutters) and didn't have a bit of trouble. It's ironic that I fell once during my pregnancy, leaving the doctor's office. (Baby and I were fine.)

I have so many wonderful memories of Blaze. I could spend hours just grooming him. The closeness of his big ol' body and his kind eyes along with the motion of the brush swept all my stress away.

I did a simple page in my memory journal using Neocolor II Watersuable Crayons, gesso, gel medium and a black pen. It was fun to find the memories again.

When I was young I watched all the TV Westerns. Then I rode my horse all around the neighborhood with my left hand held up for the reins and slapping my right hip. I dreamed of a horse and had a few years of that dream come true.

By-the-way, I still have my first copy of Black Beauty.

What are your horse memories?