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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Won: In More Ways Than One

 It's fun to roam through Blogland and see what people are doing with their art and lives, read the how-tos, and join in the challenges. Last week I won a tag at Creative Carmelina. Isn't that cool?

Underneath you can see that even the envelope is made from a magazine page with artwork added. The stamp is Canadian. 

Thank you, Carmelina, for the tag, the envelope and all the inspiration and kind words you have sent my way.

I had already planned on doing a post today about the tag and envelope. Carmelina's blog is one of the ones I read every day. so imagine my surprise when, today, her post was a jolt from the past. It was almost spooky to see a doll from my childhood in a painting she had worked on long ago. Here's  a close-up of the painting (with her permission):

It looks like my Terri Lee doll. She had the big dark eyes and brown hair. My doll disappeared over the years but when we went to Colorado last spring we came home with my sister's.
Now I can see the eyes are different and Betty's has a different colored wig but when I first saw the painting it was amazing. Like stepping back in time. Carmelina isn't sure if she's going to finish the painting or what but I'm sure glad she posted it because it was wonderful to see.

I think I have a picture of my sister with this doll. I'll have to hunt that up. In the meantime, I'm drawn again to that Terri Lee face. There are all kinds of Web Sites about these dolls. Take a look around. It's amazing.