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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emergency Room

Friday night about 10:00 Doug came dragging in from his mountain bike ride out into the desert. He had hit a rut and crashed. He was in pain but decided to head to bed. About 3:00 I heard him moaning and groaning and realized this wasn't just bumps and bruises. I told him to go get in the car while I got dressed and took him to the emergency room.

He has a broken rib, sprained thumb, he banged his head but had on a helmet and some nasty scrapes, cuts and bruises. So he will be out of work for about eight weeks. He does commercial refrigeration and can't climb 40 foot vertical ladders, carry tools, or any other the other things required for his trade. We do have short term disability which will help but it is going to be a LONG eight weeks.

You see he did this just over a year ago. (Anybody want a really nice mountain bike?) After the first few days he started driving me insane. He comes in every few minutes to ask what I'm doing, what we are having for dinner, do I think the world will ever be a better place.... well, not quite, but you get the idea.

So everybody please, keep me in mind with sanity thoughts and him in mind with healing thoughts.

Just in time I received my matchbox swap from Clare of the Yahoo Sketchbook Group. We each decorated a kitchen size matchbox and filled it will goodies that go with our theme: the sea. These are the wonderful little paintings she included. They are only 1 3/4 by 2 1/2 inch.

Aren't these wonderful little peaceful scenes? I love them and I have a feeling I will be putting them to good use as calming scenes the next few weeks. Thank you, Clare.
Peace and Serenity To All.