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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Redecorating

Yes, I've been a bit quiet here on my blog. There's a good reason. We are remodeling our house and the last five days were for putting down the wood laminate and painting my bedroom/office. That means Everything had to come out of the walk-in closet (where I store most of my art supplies), my office and all the research notebooks and such along with the desktop computer.

The flooring is wonderful. It is somewhat cushy and smooth and I am loving going barefoot again.

Do you remember a time when your home was being redecorated?

We lived in the same house most of my childhood. When we sold it I was really sad. Mom wanted a better house but that was my home and I loved all my little places and the memories and the huge yard. I never felt right in the new house.

To continue my story we had to clean and paint the old house and my Aunt Marie and Cousin Kay came to help. We spent all day working on that house and then Mom decided it was time to clean-up, which we did. Then she got a call that she had to wait for awhile for some guy to show up about something so I dug out my paint brush and set back to work. My cousin sat there and watched me for a minute and said, "I do what MY mother tells me." I don't remember my response but I just figured it was better to get more done than to just sit around. Neither one of us got in any trouble but I always remember her tone of voice. I was 12 and my cousin a couple of years younger.

Kay is now a mother to five children and a grandmother to I don't know how many. She's lightened up over the years.

Please share your memories.


  1. first of all, thanks for coming by....i'm glad you liked my creations...

    as far as memories...yes, growing up in one place was my story...i used to see my friends move from one place to another, and they'd all talk about getting a new bedroom, or a bigger and better house...and there was a time when I was jealous of that...I wanted that experience too...you know?

    but we stayed on that farm for my entire life there...until I was married. The sad part now is, my father passed away two years ago..and my mom is now ready to sell and move into something more suitable. I think it's the best thing for her....and remember, no one can ever take your memories away.....

    I spent two summers ago sketching all the barns and buildings on the property as well as the house...my memories are all in a sketchbook called HOME!

    have a great day!

    ciao bella


  2. Hi Rita!

    The picture on my blog is 1000 Steps in Santa Barbara - It is truly lovely! I'm so glad you liked it! :^)

    I recently spoke to my Aunt Ellie and Uncle Alfie in Minnesota. They are in their mid 80's. They have just moved to a new place - it's not assisted living but something in between. Aunt Ellie was saying how they had lived in her home for over 60 years. Although this new place is nice and close to shopping and everything - it's not "Home." :^) She is so cute - she still tap dance for folks! And Alife still goes over the the house to pull weeds. Home is where the heart is but after 60 years sometimes it's hard to leave the house behind. There are so many memories in it! She is always upbeat - but she also makes me realize that we need to be a little more kind and gentle and understanding to the people around us.
    We all have wonderful memories!!!
    Have a great week Rita!

  3. Rita - I would like to join in on your Tuesdays with Rita i.e. use the prompt for a free-write. I'm not sure how you want us to do it. Write here in the comments. Or do it as a post on our own blogs or what is the method? Lori from Sketchbook loriw-at-artcampforwomen-dot-com Please let me know when its convenient

  4. I loved my childhood home, too! I remember thinking it was such a big house and now to drive by is looks so little.

  5. I know what all of you mean about loving the house you grew up in, even if later on it seemed small or out of date. My parents moved to Phoenix in the 1940s, bought an acre of land, and eventually built a little house on it. My mother planted flowers all around, and my dad grew all kinds of fruit trees -- apricots, plums, lemons, pink grapefruit, crab apples. Looking back, I realize it was small and lacked so many amenities -- no dishwasher, no garbage disposal, no dryer hookup, no air-conditioning. But it was home and built with my dad's own hands. I still dream about it and wake up feeling comforted.

  6. we had to redo our laundry room this spring, due to a water leak, down to the studs....yuk! The only good thing about remodels is when they are done!!

  7. Hi Rita - thanks foryour comments on my blog - yes renovating is ucky - end result good! Thanks for stoppy by!


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