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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Secret Places

I was reading a blog the other day (I'm sorry I can't remember whose it was) in which the blogger was talking about secret places. Small, secure places we made or found for ourselves when we were children. She, as most of us, draped a blanket from chair to chair and hid underneath feeling completely safe from the entire world.

Secret places were where we could be alone; to dream, think, read, play, talk to our dolls, maybe even draw or journal.

My favorite place was in the space above the closet. This area was very large and had it's own door. There were blankets and some other forgotten things up there. To get to my space I had to climb up the back end of the bunk beds I shared with my sister. Then I'd somehow get onto the main closet door and swing it nearly shut so I could work my way up into the cupboard. (No, I never fell doing this.)

My sister was ten years older and Very in to horses. I found an old halter up there (we never owned a horse so I don't know where it came from) and would jingle it and play with it; dreaming I was riding the ranges with my favorite television stars. I loved it up there. In that cupboard I travelled the West and probably the world.

I had two secret places outside. One was in the crab apple tree which completely hid me in the spring and summer. There was a perfect sitting branch for "doing nothing" just like Christopher Robin. The other place was in in the back corner of the yard. The way the bushes and a tree were arranged it made a great little spot. Mom had stored some old wood back there that I rearranged into a comfortable little room.

All children find their own little secret places but as adults the places become larger and are usually shared with a family. A safe haven from the world. Some of us find other secret places to retreat when we need to be alone... a special bench in the park, a booth at the local cafe, a corner in the library.

Did you have a secret place as a child? Do you have one now?

The house where I had my secret places. No photos of the closet that challenged my climbing abilities.Yep, that's me and our dog, Smokey.