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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Heirlooms, Cedar Chest

Today I'm thinking about heirlooms and how they become such things. I never knew my dad or his family. He was an alcoholic and he and mom divorced when I was young. My sister being 10 years older has memories of him. Daddy was killed in a head-on car crash when I was about 10. Mom and Betty went to the funeral while I stayed at my other grandparents.

Afterwards our Grandpa Sam called Betty aside and told her she should have the cedar trunk our dad made in high school for his mother. It is now until we can arrange to have it brought to Arizona. I think about the love he had for his mother as he built this huge chest. How she must have cherished it so much. Her name was Carrie and she died before I was born.
Betty always said he could do anything. Woodworking is just one of those things.

All that is left of our father is this trunk and some photographs...well and me. Betty passed away three years ago. The family grows and fades but those special heirlooms remain as a testimony to who they were. Daddy loved his mother, he loved my mom and I know he loved Betty and I, his disease just kept him from being able to be with us.
That's my dad on the back left. Handsome wasn't he? His parents are in front.

One of those funny things of genetics; my sister looked just like our Aunt LaFerne (back row, second from the right) even down to the red hair.

Share with us a picture and/or story of a family heirloom. Put a link in your comment and I will pay you a visit.