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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Picking Up on the Challenge

Another challenge. I love these. They inspire me, they get me to thinking, they get me to making art. Like a muse.

Hey, do you have any idea how many art blogs are out there? Thousands. I have no idea. I can't keep up with them. Guess What? They can all be connected to your muse. Just browsing from blog to blog you will find more beauty, ideas, techniques, printables, art.... than you could possibly do in a lifetime.

Just remember to get away from the computer and get something done. Here's a tag I made for Mary Green's Lillian Russell challenge on her blog, Green Paper. This is an amazing blog full of all the things mentioned above. And the best part... it inspired me.

This tag has Distress Ink rubbed on the base with some Inktense colored pencils blended in. Then the images from the challenge. More Inktense Pencils, computer generated words dabbed with Distress Ink and various trims. Tags are wonderful. They are useful, easy to do in a limited amount of time and so much fun.

Thank you, Mary.


  1. gorgeous tag...love the trims and the prettiness of it all....I'll make a note of this as it truly inspires me right now! thanks!

    and you had asked me what kind of watercolour paints I use...the answer is...Winsor and Newton mostly. I buy the little tubes and then fill each watercolour ceramic tray with the shades. They harden after a few days..and then I just soften them with water as i'm using them in my work!

    hope that helps.

    ciao bella

    thanks so much for coming by~


  2. What a gorgeous tag! I love the trims, the picts you used and "she dreamed"...wow. Perfect. I love it.


  3. Gorgeous tag. I love the lace it's so pretty.

    Wonderful the colouring from the inktense pencils - really delicate.

  4. Hah, I really liked this post! You're SO right on all those artistic blogs, it's mind boggling (!) and I definitely need a constant reminder to 'step away from' the computer ~ thanks♥
    Love the tag too, gorgeous!


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