Tattered Past

Tattered Past: My ongoing journey through genealogy, history, writing, self-exploration and art. ~~~ Rita Ackerman

Friday, September 17, 2010

100th Post

Here it is! My 100th Post! 

This is exciting to me. When my husband looked kind of blank about my plans and then asked me why this was a big deal I didn't really have an answer for him. On further thought I've decided it is an affirmation. I decided to do a blog and I've stuck with it. I've had a certain amount of success in positive comments and I enjoy it. The blog has opened up new possibilities and visions for me. I look at the world a little differently.

As promised I am having a giveaway. Everybody who leaves a comment to this post before Tuesday, September 21will be entered into a drawing. I will put all the names into a hat and draw one lucky winner.

So, what is the prize, you ask?

A large goodie bag full of vintage and new papers, fabrics, sequin waste, dried flower petals, fibers, buttons, beads, trims, and my Lillian Russell tag, "She Dreamed."

So please, spread the word, if you aren't a follower please become one. Help me celebrate this blogging milestone. With your support there will be more to come.    I dreamed for a long time about having a blog. I've dreamed most of my life about becoming a writer and an artist. Dreams come true but only if there are supportive people around you.
Thank you.