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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yard Art and Flowers

I am enjoying my morning walks with the boys. Most of you don't know, but I am NOT a morning person and getting up with these rambuctious boys every morning around 5:30 has been the biggest challenge of all. I decided quickly that a walk was the best way to wear them down a bit and get us out of the house so Jessica could rest.

The sleepy town of Naches, Washington is the perfect place to walk.
I have been especially enjoying the yard art and flowers. This mushroom was apparently made by putting broken glass in the bottom of bowl and adding cement. I didn't get down and look at the stem but that might have been done in a plastic cup and added at the time or later. Such a simple thing, but so delightful.
The house with the frogs is a yard art paradise with bird houses, feeders, mushrooms, rocks and all sorts of hanging things. I love it.

And of course the trees, the green grass and the flowers. Every yard has a wide array of flowers and I've realized how little I know about them. I can name a few, but I'm never sure if the name that comes to mind is correct. Sure doesn't keep me from enjoying them.

I plan on heading home next Tuesday. This is the longest I have been away from my husband, my home and my dog. I'm anxious to get back. Jessica is doing well and I think by then she will be able to handle things. The boys start school on the 25th. Alex will be in all day kindergarten. Hard to believe.
Tomorrow the little "hope" baby is coming to visit. They live in Seattle. We will be celebrating his first bithday. It is hard to believe he is almost one. He was three months early and it is a miracle he is even here. He is doing great and is an absolute love.
The treasures of the world are everywhere.
Have a great week, Friends.