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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Back-to-School

This is my favorite time of year: Back-To-School. As summer progresses I start watching for the big back-to-school sections in the stores. Target is my favorite. Then when the time is right...after the displays are all up and just before the kids start coming...I have at it. Here's one of my hauls this year... and yes I do usually do it more than once.

My most favorite part of the whole things is CRAYONS.

The smell of crayons. Reaching back in to my childhood with crayons. Making art with crayons.

Just the last few days the Yahoo Group "Soul Journaling" was discussing back-to-school. some look forward to the paste (and some were past eaters) but many of us loved and still look forward to the smell of crayons.

Awhile back I worked in a round robin journal with the theme of "simple pleasures."
It was so much fun. The bird and flowers are from coloring book pages found on line.
Take a break today. Go visit the back to school section and buy a box of crayons (or anything else that catches your eye) and enjoy a moment of child's play.

Then tell us your favorite back-to-school story.