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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Story Tellers: Spread the Word

I'm not the only one feeling the need to "get those stories down."  Shannon  over at A Southern Belle With Northern Roots has started "Story Tellers" Wednesday. These are family stories based on your photos and memories. She is also having an unbelievable vintage giveaway. You have to take a look at this lovely collection of vintage items.

Shannon's stories are amazing and while reading them I have been reminded of many tidbits of my own. For example: in her Story No. 2 Shannon talks about her "Grandpa Coke" who loved playing practical jokes.

He reminded me of my Grandad because they both smoked Camels and wore fedoras. 
 That's about as far as the similarities go because while her grandfather played with the kids and pulled pranks my Grandad was a very stern man. I don't think he ever told a joke. 
Grandad was a barber and had his own shop in Montezuma, Kansas.
There was always Juicy Fruit gum in a little white cupboard
behind the barber chair and a
coin to take to the corner store for Cracker Jacks. 
He loved to fish and tied his cane poles to the side
of the car to take us out to the creek in Greene's
pasture. He wore a white shirt and suspenders to
work but was always in denim coveralls the rest
of the time. We knew he loved all of us grand kids
even though he was quiet and seldom smiled. I spent
many summers and one whole year living with my
grandparents. Although Grandad wasn't demonstrative;
I always knew he loved me.


  1. I love how this spurs memories....It made me think of lots of things I need to write down!! I love this photo too. I sure hope we can keep inspiring one another.

  2. It's funny to think how different things were a couple generations ago when it came to showing affection to kids. Good picture, good posting.

  3. I love the photo! I think us gals have a thing for stories about grandfathers this week. I enjoy reading eveyone's stories each week, they keep me inspired.

  4. My two sets of grandparents were on opposite poles from each other in regards to showing their grandchildren affection.

    My maternal grandparents were the quintessential "warm glow of love" grandparents with all that entails.

    My paternal grandparents were stern and strict. I wondered if that was because my youngest Aunt is only about 10 years older than myself, so they were still in more of the "parenting" than "grandparenting" mode.

  5. I love this memory. The details like the Juicy Fruit and Cracker Jacks are just wonderful.

    I think people often seemed more stern them--they wanted to be grownups (but now grownups want to be kids)--and life was hard!

    Oh, but I did (do) love my grandparents.



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