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Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspiration from Carmen Torbus

Carmen Torbus has been reading my mind (and I'm guessing many of yours.) I have found a lot of inspiration from Carmen's blog. She always seems to be in tune to what is going on. Please go check out her blog. You will be amazed.

 Here are her goals for today:

Today, I'm simplifying and streamlining my processes.

Today, I'm adding new things and taking away others.

Today, I'm setting working hours.

Today, I'm scheduling planning meetings.

Today, I'm visualizing productivity.

Today, I'm taking action steps to reduce procrastination and distraction.

Today, I'm introducing new services to help you do the same.

Today, I'm saying yes to what my time is worth and no to poor time management.

I do have a business so I can apply all of these. If you don't I'm sure you could put in different words.
Thank you, Carmen.

What more can I say? I just need to do. How about you?