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Monday, August 16, 2010

Back Where I Started...almost

Here I am back at the Bryce Canyon Motel in Panguitch, Utah. This is where I stayed my first night on the road... four weeks ago today. I am finding that little fact mind-boggling. That I have travelled so far and done so much in just four weeks.

I planned a little better and hit Salt Lake City mid-day so the traffic wasn't near as bad. My treat to myself was to stop at Young Living Farms South of SLC and pick some lavender. Just imagine my DISMAY when I got there and they had harvested the fields and there was no lavender to pick. So I roamed around the gift shop again and bought a little bag of lavender potpourri. Better than nothing.

I thought about stopping at Circleville and staying at the Butch Cassidy Motel but since I was familiar with this place I decided to just keep going. Now I Know I can make it on home tomorrow.

I was greeted by two dogs in the lobby and proceeded to tell them all about my Maggie and that I can't wait to get home and hold her tomorrow. Doug said she is still looking for me. sniff sniff

I still have a lot of photos to download and sort. Here's one from the birthday party for Trent our little "Hope" baby. He turns one next week. He was born three months premature so he really is a miracle and full of hope and love and smiles.

We had a little party at the park across the street from Jessica's and he had a great time with his cupcake. None got in his mouth but he sure enjoyed the textures.

Happy birthday, Trent, from Great Great Auntie Rita.

hmmm. I suddenly feel very old and need to go lie down (not to mention the 10 hours on the road.)

Have a great evening and I can't wait to restart Tuesdays With Rita tomorrow.