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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Washington Bound

I had a long day. Twelve hours, mostly on the road. I did take one break. But not in Circleville to chase down Butch Cassidy.

I was still on a roll at that point. And hadn't hit construction. You know those orange barrels they use to mark construction zones? Well, in Utah they have miles and miles and miles of them. That would be understandable, somewhat, except there's no equipment or workers for most of those sections of highway. I really don't get it. I had a 20 minute or so wait at one point because they had just one lane going both ways so only a few of us could go at a time. People were getting out of their cars and kids were playing in the ditch. Go figure. I won't even go in to what driving through Salt Lake City was like. Remind me to never complain about Phoenix traffic again. lol
The highlight of the day was a quick stop at the Young Living Family Farms near Provo.  I have been using Young Living products for years and am totally addicted to lavender. Although I knew the farms were near Provo I didn't realize they were right off the highway. When I saw those acres and acres of lavender fields.... well, I stopped. However, I didn't realize I didn't get a very good picture. This is from the guest garden and all that lavender above the fence is just a portion of the fields. I may just have to stop on the way home to get a better picture of the fields.

I did roam around the garden and strolled by the pond. Pictures of both are here. The garden is full of all different kinds of flowers and herbs with plaques telling about them. I wish I had a whole day to spend there. 
Instead I hit the road and made it through Salt Lake City and into Idaho. I was feeling pretty good and it was still early so I decided to keep going not realizing the next hundred miles or so would not contain a single hotel. And a lot more orange barrels. I'm apparently not the only one as I got the next to the last room in one of three or four hotels.

But here I am in Burley, Idaho and ready for some reading and a long rest.
Tomorrow it is on through Idaho and up into Oregon and across the Columbia River. Then in to Washington. I don't know if I will make Jessica's tomorrow. Guess it depends on how many orange barrels and if there are any more lavender fields.