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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello From Washington

It has been a busy few days since I arrived at Jessica's. Getting to a WiFi site isn't easy and then when I do I seem to spend all my precious time fighting technology. I can't understand why I can have all the settings in the computer and it works perfectly when I'm at Borders in Arizona but when I get up here I can't seem to get anything to work right. Even down to passwords not working. Something in the air, I guess.

Jessica's surgery is this afternoon and she is relaxing by roaming around the store while I catch up a bit. Kind of taking one day at a time because we just don't know what her surgery and recovery will be like.

I've been walking with the boys everyday. Yesterday we found two yard sales and one of the ladies was a "retired" quilter. I bought an amazing bag of fabric scraps for my Remains of the Day style journals.

The boys and I made pillows. They love my flannel pillows but this time we had fun stuffing them together. I made sure they pulled every little bit of fluff apart so they would be super fluffy pillows.

Since I'm pretty sure I will miss "Tuesdays With Rita" I thought I would give you a prompt today.
Tell us about a time you were in the hospital as a child, or visited somebody else in the hospital.

My story would be when I had my tonsils out. I was 8 or 9 and it was at the St. Rose Hospital in Great Bend, Kansas. I remember there was a big toy box in the hallway and I ran out there every chance I could. I also got to have ice cream and Jello. All real treats for me. I even found the notice in the newspaper but I don't have it with me. That was through Ancestry.

Have a great week and I'll be back...when I can.