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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Back on June 8 I posted a notice from Kelly's Art Journaling about a Blog Hop. Those who sign up are added to a list of blogs so we can work our way through the list and see beautiful photography, journal pages, poetry, writings, jewelry and an infinite number of other blog candies.

I have viewed 180 blogs so far. So much inspiration and so many wonderful people. Many I am now following and read their new posts every day. I try to leave a message at each of the blogs I visit. For some reason I decided to go back and look at some of the other comments left on those same blogs and none of my comments are there. Over a hundred comments are lost in the black hole of the Internet. I'm mostly upset because I really wanted these wonderful artists to know they are appreciated.

So now I have to figure out what I'm doing wrong before I continue the tour. Another question I have had since I started on this journey into Blog Land. It's kind of an etiquette thing but my guess is others wonder about this too...

When somebody leaves a comment on my blog should I answer them through my blog or send a personal e-mail or just visit their blog. I've done all three but sometimes I don't think the emails reach their destination. The have gone in to that same black hole.

So please share your thoughts and answers to these problems. I can't be the only one with these questions/problems.

Thank you, and have a blissed day.


  1. Oh I hear you on the frustration with leaving comments and I hate to say it...but I have the most trouble with blogger type blogs...all the extra steps you have to jump through, the coded words, etc. Then it says that you comment will be visible and you check back and it doesn't show up...ugh! As far as responding to comments, I like to respond to the emails because unless that person has subscribed to the feed for that blog post, then they will never know if you responded. AND I leave a lot of comments so I don't want to have to go back and check to see if the blog owner responded. Hope this helps, fondly, Roberta

  2. Rita-are you sure you typed in those weird letters that some blogs have. Sometimes they don't show up right away-you have to wait for them. That might be part of it.
    I follow lots of blogs and I visit new posts daily and try to leave messages, so I don't try to visit those who leave comments--most are from people whose blogs I follow and I usually catch up with them. There just isn't enough time. I check new blog posts in the mornings and evenings and it takes at least an hour or more each time!!

  3. I've never checked back to see if my comments were posted. I return the gift of comments and time required by going to the person's blog and leaving a comment. I've disabled the "wierd letters" but do moderate all comments. If I want a response or answer, I will try to track down the email address for the person.

  4. Hi Rita! Sorry about losing some of the comments you've left on other blogs from the hop, but the one you left on my blog is still there! Thank you for your sweet words. I also get confused about responding to comments. I usually visit their blog and leave a comment back, but if it's more personal I try to email. Hope this helps, I'm still figuring these things out for myself!

  5. Let's just face it, computers can drive one nuts.....sorry about all your missed comments...
    I really appreciated your visit and your sweet comments.....

    I try to visit those who leave comments but don't always have time..I have blogs I read everyday and then I have some blogs I enjoy when I have extra time....It varies with me from day to day according to what's on my schedule..but I so appreciate everyone's comments that I really try to follow up....there are so many wonderful and talented people out there sometimes I feel I could blog all day.......


  6. Rita, it's so nice of you to leave comments on my blog and I appreciate them so much. I did notice that for one post, you left two very similar comments a couple of days apart, and I'm wondering if for some reason you couldn't see the first comment and so tried again. I don't know what could have been wrong -- I don't have this blog thing fully figured out yet! But I hope these little glitches won't make you stop leaving comments.

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with the same thoughts...it is rather frustrating to find the emails of some....but I am enjoying the blog hop.


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