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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Art Journaling

It was about two years ago that I discovered art journaling. I can't remember how I learned about it in those early days but I do know how it became a part of my life.

I found the magical soul journaling prompts of Sarah Whitmire. Sarah shares her soul and her incredible talent through 22 free prompts and instructions that have jump started many art journalers journey. 

Here's one of the spreads I did for the Scavenger Hunt prompt. It was so much fun.

Here's another one on soul armor. Of course, I had to include one with a horse.

Since then I've taken Sarah's "advanced soul journaling"  class and her "outside the book, prayer flag" class. For more information on Sarah and her classes please visit Sarah's Web Site.

The most wonderful part has been getting to know Sarah. When she learned how much I love the Old West she sent me some photocopies of photos taken by her grandfather. They are unbelievable and I can't wait to use them in some of my own pages. True to herself, Sarah included a few other journaling goodies. What a wonderful present. 

I feel like I've gotten an autograph from a star: a star of in mixed-media and art journaling.

I've been visiting a lot of artful blogs and am always amazed at how open people are with their work, their techniques, and themselves. I hope I can do the same. For now I just want to send a big THANK YOU and HUGGLES to Sarah and all the other art bloggers. You all make a difference whether you are told that or not.