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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: The Locket

I spent most of yesterday trying to sort through pictures and boxes of things I brought home from my brother-in-laws in Colorado. My sister, Betty, has been gone for three years but her presence feels just as strong as always. We are working on sorting more of her things and reliving memories. Her granddaugter, Liz, met us there so we were able to pull together some stories.

When Liz was married Betty loaned her a necklace to carry which Liz thought had come from our great grandmother, Nellie. I don't remember ever hearing anything about it. There, deep in Betty's jewelry box, we found the necklace with an obviously newer chain.

I'd been going through pictures and eagle-eyed Liz spotted one of Betty's school pictures with this necklace. So we have what would be called providence for ownership of the necklace. Nellie passed away in the early 1960s. I remember her somewhat. Betty, who was ten years older than me had a large store of memories of her.

We have many such heirlooms but we don't always know the history behind them. It is taking all of us to piece it all together along with other stories. As a genealogist I've been rather remiss at doing this and so now it us much harder and sometimes we just have to make the best connections we can.
What are some of the things that have been handed down through the generations in your family? Are there stories about items that have not survived? Write then down and share them with your family and with your friends here on the internet.