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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Building Art

Doug and I love visiting old towns and driving around to find neat old buildings. Las Vegas, New Mexico caught our attention this time. There are over 900 buildings on the historical registry in this town. Amazing.

Isn't this house grand? I wonder about that room up in the tower and how it would work for a studio. I can almost feel the wooden floors and banisters that must grace the inside of this house.

                                               This is the Plaza Hotel. I'm not familiar with all the history (researching it is on my agenda) but what a wonderful old building. "Doc" Holliday and Big Nose Kate spent time in this town. The building was built in 1882, after they left, but it seems I read somewhere they did return at some time so maybe they did visit this stately hotel. One bit of history from a brochure I picked up at the visitor center is that Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders had their first reunion in this hotel.
The artwork on the side of this old building caught my eye. So much more appealing than billboards. I love to see the weathered signs on the side of the buildings. I love looking at details of architecture and how they made things.

One final building I will share with you isn't a building any more. It is just the cellar but we were fascinated with the old boiler and the way they made the stairs. Who were the people who climbed those stairs? Was it a store or a hotel? We don't know but it is a real piece of history and a look into a simpler time.


  1. Oh Rita-I had forgotten all about Big Nose kate. i used to read about her at the Sharlot Hall Museum when we lived in Prescott! Love the house at the beginning of your post!

  2. I'm always amazed with the huge hotels built in the late 1800s. Thanks for sharing your photos and trip!

  3. i am equally taken with old homes (our last three homes were all built in the 20s or earlier)... these buildings are fascinating! thanks for the tour!

  4. Oh wow, this is something we have in common - I love finding old homes and pondering about its history and how people lived in the spaces. Ironic though because I'm scared of actually living in one but I can appreciate their history and what the 'walls would tell if they can talk'.

  5. I am as fascinated as you are about the old buildings and can imagine stories galore---probably the real stories are just as good as any imagined ones! Your 3 collages are wonderful to see and I love how you mentioned what you used---the variety of supplies used makes for such added interests...I must look up Big Nose Kate :-)

  6. what a lovely blog. so much eye candy so glad I found you through the blog hop.


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