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Monday, June 7, 2010

As Requested

Home. There really is no place like it. We had a wonderful trip, drove over 2,000 miles and found lots of treasurers. Not to mention visiting with my brother-in-law, Fay; great niece, Liz and her son, Trent.

I wasn't sure where I would start with sharing photos but since my dear friend, Windy, asked to see the prairie dog village I decided to start there.

This photo is along the highway between Lochbuie and Brighton, Colorado. Doug had never seen one before and was really amazed. I remember on those fishing trips with my grandparents watching them pop in and out of their holes as we passed. I realize they are just pests to gardeners and farmers but to me they are a joy to watch.

As soon as we stopped they sounded the alarm and all the prairie dogs disappeared down their holes. Except one.

He stayed on top of his mound sounding the alarm the entire time we were there. Brave little prairie dog.
As we were leaving for our trip home "Flat Stanley" posed with Fay and his great grandson. Even though
we have had much sadness in our family with the loss of my sister and niece, what a joy it is to get together
and share new memories with the youngest generation.