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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Hunting and Fishing

Did you ever go hunting or fishing as a child?

When I was small we fished A LOT. Mostly with my grandparents. Grandad would tie the old cane poles to the side of the car and we would head "down on Greene's." I never knew who Greene or Green was but he owned a lot of pasture land in southwestern Kansas. There were 20 plus gates we had to go through to get to the creek. Every time we came to a gate Grandad would get out open the old barbed wire gate. Get back in the car and drive through. Then get out and close the gate. It was quite a ritual. I remember sitting in the car and watching the prairie dogs as they watched us.

Finally we'd get to the creek and took those old cane poles down and stood or sat until we got a bite. I don't know if this picture was taken at Greene's but it looks just as I remember it. The lady towards the front was my Great Great Aunt Laura who I never met. The next lady was my great grandmother, Nellie. The kids are my uncles.

I remember one time Grandad was fishing a little ways down the creek and suddenly he let out a big whoop. We all went running to find he had caught a snapping turtle. I think my Mom made turtle soup. We'd also have frog legs and of course catfish. My Mom did most of the cleaning and cooking of our "mess of catfish."

Those fishing trips with Grandad are my fondest memories of him. What memories do you have to share?