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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Look Mam No Hands

Tell us about a time you got hurt.

We all know the thing about "Look Ma, No Hands." Well, I learned to ride my bicycle with no hands but most of the time I rode steady with both hands on the "wheel."

One day I had gone up to the neighborhood store and was on my way back along the street I had to walk on to school. I can remember that street like the back of my hand. I had both hands on the handlebars and suddenly I hit a large rock and then the pavement. I had a very deep gash on the front of my shin. I cried my way home and since mom was at work I took care of it the best I could. I should have had stitches because I still have a deep scar.

I had a black eye once when a neighbor boy and I tried to run through a sprinkler at the same time and hit heads. Lots of bee stings and red ant bites. Luckily no broken bones and no trips to the emergency room. A rather dull childhood in that respect.

As I sat at a red light yesterday I watched a red ant wind its way through the weeds on the median. It brought back lots of memories of all those huge ant hills back in Kansas. That got me to thinking about childhood misshaps.

It's funny how little things lead to thoughts and then memories. The light turned green and I didn't write it down but luckily the memory stayed with me until I got home.