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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Phoenix Writers Club

I have been a member of the Phoenix Writers Club for about six years. All that time the president has been Mabel Leo. A wonderful spunky lady who "took on the Mob" by writing three books about Jack Durant a colorful Phoenix character.

Jack came to Arizona with known mob connections. He started a restaurant where people of all levels met to hash out business, political and personal deals. Just like Las Vegas; the secrets stayed in Durant's. To visit Durant's you enter through the kitchen which adds to the cloak and dagger charm. Inside you are greeted with a posh quiet and sophisticated decor. The food is excellent as is the service.

But, back to Mabel. Last month she stepped down as president of PWC and I made her mixed-media piece as a thank you. It is now on the club's Web site. Go take a look.
http://phoenixwritersclub.com/?page_id=334 and spend some time checking out the many talented people who make up this wonderful club. You can find information on Mabel's books there, too.

PWC was started 80+ years ago by a group of women who were indignent about being banned from the all male Phoenix Press Club. They began meeting in homes and later in meeting rooms of various restaurants. Many of the members have been published and have left their own mark in Phoenix history. The club is still growing and going strong. I'm proud to be the newsletter editor.

Those early women were an inspiration to all who have followed and the club continues to have a place in the writing community. (Men are allowed.)