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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday was the monthly meeting of the Phoenix Writers Club. Our speaker was Mike Chamberlin a local news anchor who is also a singer. He told us about his career, his new book and sang some songs.

One of them was one of my all-time favorite songs, "Over the Rainbow" which led to his story about interviewing two of the Munchkins who live here in the Valley. You can see the clip at http://singingtvguy.com/. It is wonderful.

Part of the story, which isn't in the clip, was he was driving Margaret from her house to the retirement home where Ruth lives. Suddenly it occurred to him, "I'm driving around with a Munchkin in my car. And her little feet don't even touch the floor."

Wow. Now Mike is a very special person and I'm honored to have met him. All his love of life and joy in what he does comes out in such a real way.

A little story of my own is I was at the ariZoni awards a few years ago. These awards are for Arizona Theater. It was a lot of fun. Margaret was the keynote speaker and what a joy it was to just see one of the Munchkins up on stage. But I also bumped into her in the bathroom. She just smiled in a pleasant way and went on as I stood there feeling embarrassed.

Phoenix Writers Club has introduced me to so many wonderful people and experiences. I have also made some great friends. The club president for the past six years was Mabel Leo, who I've mentioned before. She gave each of us who have helped her out during that time a pink rose and I was glad to have my camera along. Aren't we a great bunch?

I'm sure I will always remember listening to Mike on Saturday but putting the experience down and sharing it through my blog and my journal will keep the little things in my mind too.