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Friday, May 14, 2010

Lift Your Eyes

The last couple of days have been down days for me. A bit under the weather and with the wind and the sometimes dark clouds I just kind of went a long with it.

Then I had to go out and water the trees. The sky to the East was a bit dark but in Arizona no matter how dark and threatening the clouds you still water...those clouds have a way of disappearing.

As I walked across the back yard I heard a bird fly over. I love birds. All kinds of birds. But that's another story.

As I looked up I saw the bright green of the eucalyptus tree against the bright blue and white of the sky. It was beautiful. I stood there awhile and then came in and got my camera so I could share it with my friends.

If I hadn't looked up I would have only seen the brown dirt, the dry grass and felt the heaviness of the distant dark clouds.

Instead I lifted my eyes to the sound of a bird's wings and the beauty lifted my spirits.

For just a moment step away from your computer. Go outside and look up. Let your spirits be lifted.


  1. Hey .. I think we're on the same page this week! I just posted my 30 in 30 card for today .. this sounds very familiar! Hope your let your blues melt into the beautiful AZ sky. It's like none other!

  2. Fran, How cool is that. Everybody go visit the Reclusive Goddess at http://reclusivegoddess.blogspot.com/2010/05/30-in-30.html
    and see her version of lookinig up as in keeping your chin up. Great Minds Think Alike.


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