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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Collecting Hearts

I've always been attracted to hearts. I doodle them, I wear them on tee-shirts, I wear them on jewelry and they catch my eye everywhere I go.

On one of the walks I took with my grandson in Washington he pointed out a heart on the swingset at the park.

I snapped that heart as it seemed like a gift from him. He didn't know I collect hearts but something made him point that one out to me.

The other two hearts I found in Leavenworth. Why hearts there? Maybe they were reminding me to enjoy a special day with my daughter.

Hearts always remind me to sit back and take a breath. To notice the little things. To cherish all the beauties of the world and my family's love. I've become a better person since I became more aware of all the hearts in the world.

Take a moment this week to notice some small thing. Then come back and share it with me. Please.


  1. I love the heart on the swingset!! Nice post Rita!

  2. This reminds me of one valentines day when I walked my niece to the school bus stop. We noticed a spot of missing concrete in the sidewalk that looked like a heart .. then once we started looking, we noticed them all over the place on that short little walk. From leaves to little bits of things laying in the street. It was a magical little walk! I definitely share your affinity for them!

  3. Maybe your grandson we be drawn to hearts during his lifetime, like you. Love it!


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