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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesdays (...er Wednesday) With Rita:Occupations, Police

I guess I am still on vacation time as I completely zoned out about Tuesdays With Rita for my Yahoo Sketchbook group. At least I made it to my weekly lunch appointment with my friend, Janna, and to my Writers Inspiration Group.

So, this week's prompt is:

What was an unusual job a relative had?

I have to think of my mom. After Daddy left she went to work as a dispatcher for the Great Bend, Kansas police/fire departments. This was in the 1950s so her job was unusual for a woman too. She became Chief Dispatcher and was there for many years.

I loved to go by the office and see her and also sit on the old wooden bench in the lobby and talk to the officers as they came through. I was going to grow up to be a policewoman; just like my mom. That dream stayed with me into college when I began to realize I didn't have the temperament or inner/physical strengths for that job.

I still have the utmost respect for law enforcement and love to listen to friends and relatives who are in the field. My favorite TV show is "America's Most Wanted" and hope to someday shake John Walsh's hand.

Tell us about one of your relatives.