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Monday, April 5, 2010

Travel Journal Memories

Last year when Doug and I went to Washington I worked on my first art journal style travel journal. Here's a page from that journal.

I started doing art journals a few months before and am still in love with this type of journaling. It allows me to work with all the mediums I enjoy using: acrylic paints, watercolor paints, charcoal pencils, markers, stamps, fibers, ephemera, photographs, collage... well just about anything I want to use.

A few days ago Doug asked me to make a journal just like that one during my trip this year, since he can't go. I was surprised and shocked. He always takes an interest in what I do and gives lots of positive feedback but asking this out of the blue was truly touching.

So I have my moleskine sketchbook all ready to go. I've packed scissors, glue sticks, stickers, watercolor pencils, paint brushes, tags, markers, pencils, and bits of ephemera to fill up the pages during the next two weeks. I will also be adding things I acquire along the way: fliers, pamphlets, receipts, leaves, candy wrappers... anything that catches my fancy. I will also have my grandsons add their own drawings and whatever else they think should be in there.

It will be a wonderful keepsake of this trip and I look forward to coming back home and sharing it with Doug. As I looked back on last years to find a page to share with this post I was surprised how many memories it brought back and those little snippits of our travels seem to catch the feel of the places we visited better than even the best photographs.

I will be sharing plenty of both with my blogland friends in the weeks to come. Just remember, you don't have to take a trip to enjoy the little things of life, step out your front door and see what you can find to add to your journal.