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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I flew in to Seattle a week ago and my great niece met me at the airport with our little "Hope" baby. He was born 3 months early and is now 7 months old and doing great. I have been dieing to hold him; a great great nephew that seems more like another grandson.

I got my wish. Trent is a loving little guy with a ready smile. Holding him made me think of his grandma, my niece who was my closest friend and soulmate. His greatgrandma, my sister. Our mother and grandmother. A long line of strong women who had hard lives and left us all too soon.

While in Seattle, we visited the Panama Hotel the basis for a book I read for my discussion group; "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" It was a story of love,loss and extreme life struggles.

When the Japanese were sent to the concentration camps during the War many families put their belongings in the basement of the hotel expecting they would be returning soon. Some never returned and their belongings are still down there covered in dust and able to for view by the public through the lobby of the hotel which is now a tea house. I think about all those families, separated from all they owned, their homes and each other.Their culture and heritage packed into dark corners. There were fans, clothing, books, ornaments and photograph albums.

We all need those connections to the past. We also need to make sure we forge connections with the future. Pass on the stories of the past, the stories of your life, the heirlooms and the traditions and culture of your family and your heritage.

It takes effort to do this. It won't be good enough to leave bits of digital thoughts. Our descendants will need letters, journals, and photographs to FEEL the link to their own past. Start your mission to leave something tangible to all the little Trents of the world.


  1. Oh Rita!! What aa darling little baby!!--such bright eyes!! I have put a reserve on the "Hotel...." at our library here. It may be an interesting book to reccomment to my book club for next year.
    Glad you are having a good time!!

  2. What an awesome photo of your little cutie! He is soooo cute. Enjoy your time there!

  3. Adorable! Thanks for the reminder to record our stories and pass them on!

  4. What a perfect little baby! He is just too cute for words and that picture is amazing! Enjoy your visit and get all your hugs in!

  5. Hi..l too have decided that l need to write letters,make and send postcards do my journal and print some of my photo's and make notes of them. the reason being that l think we have become TOO digital and in some way REALLY communicate less with our familys! Does that make sense?
    Also think your "baby" is so cue in his blue cover blanketx Also the Japenese stuff in the basement is fasinating. Thanks for telling about it all to usxlynda


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