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Monday, April 26, 2010

Antique Treasures

When I went walking with my grandsons we looked for treasures. Alex and I found three pennies some neat leaves and some funny bark.
Brendan and I found leaves and bark. They were excited about their treasures.

I was excited to go antiquing in Yakima, Washington. Things are so much cheaper there and there is a much better variety. I love it.

These are some of the things I found. I don't know why the baby shoes struck me but they were inexpensive and I will do something with them, maybe. The prisms I plan on making in to necklaces. The silverware I don't know. The needleholder is a real find and I plan on using it... as a needle holder. Not everything I find gets converted.

I also bought a pile of used stamps from all over the world and another stack of used envelopes from all over the world to use in my collage work. A letter from Argentina was still in the envelope. I could read bits but my Spanish isn't very good.

I love the feel of these papers, the old linens, and the little shoes. Even though they aren't from my history they bring back memories that are. Have you found little treasurers that spark memories for you?