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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Favorite Toy Memory

I grew up on Westerns. I also grew up playing cowboys and Indians. When I wasn't racing around the yard slapping my hip to get my "horse" moving I had my plastic figures spread across the kitchen floor.

I Googled to find photos of the figures I remember and was shocked to find how well I remember those steers with the twisty tail and the cowboy with the whip (and others with ropes and guns.) The plastic fences and little campfire and the saddles and the harness to snap horses into the buckboard. Oh the memories.

In the Sketchbook Group where I am leading "Tuesdays With Rita" the memories have been amazing. Some of the toys mentioned are: silly putty, yoyos, slinkys, dolls of all kinds, magic slates, troll dolls, hulahoops, Etch A Sketch, the bald guy with the iron shavings that you put his beard and hair on (Wooly Willy)and on and on.

What are your toy memories?