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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Childhood Pet(s)

Tuesdays With Rita continues with a prompt asking about childhood pets. I did this page about Smokey.

My Mom and Dad were divorced when I was very small. I don't even remember him. One of the last things he brought my sister and I was a pekingese puppy we named Smokey. Here's a picture of my parents with baby Smokey.

We had Smokey until I was thirteen or fourteen. In 1965 Mom gave me a baby chick for Easter.Smokey seemed to love that little chick. They got along great until the chick started getting to big and went to live on a farm.

A few years before we had a burglar. He didn't get in the house but Smokey was barking and Mom yelled at him to be quiet. In the morning she went to work and the neighbors called after finding Smokey lying in the yard. He had been kicked in the head so hard he lost his eye. Never seemed to bother him.

Smokey was a great weather forecaster. Mom kept his bowls on newspapers in the kitchen and whenever a storm was coming he would try to push the papers up over his food to "bury" it. When the tornadoes came he was really intent on hiding those bowls. The tornadoes didn't come in to town and there wasn't any damage.

This journal page was done with acrylic paints, a used dryer sheet, stamps, copies of old photos, cardstock and calligraphy pens. I hope you enjoy the memory as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.