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Friday, March 12, 2010

Doodling Zendala Style

This is one of the zendalas I made for a swap with the Yahoo Sketchbook group. This group was formed when a bunch of us were was working on our sketchbooks for the ArtHouse Sketchbook project last fall. We have become a close knit group of artists who share ideas, techniques and challenges. For this particular challenge we are making nine zendalas the size of a cd to exchange with nine other members. The separate artworks will then be bound into a book for each of us.

The art of the zendala is related to the centuries old art of the mandala. They stand for the unity of the soul and the universe and are used for meditation and contemplation. There are many formats, many in black and white and some with color. A great video on how to draw a zendala is on Milliande's Web site. She is a wonderful, inspiring artist and just watching her video is meditative in itself.

This art form is being used by therapists and seems to be taking on a life of its own. The are called mandalas, zendalas and zentangles depending on the format but they all seem to refer to the convergence of zen and doodling. Another interesting site on this art form is: www.zentangle.com.

I used two different colors of fine point Sharpie pens for this zendala but you can use any style pen, pencil, colored markers, colored pencils and even watercolors.

Try a zendala of your own and learn a great way to relax. Something we all need in these trying times.