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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Internet Failure

I was reading up on my favorite blogs on Valentine's Day and suddenly I lost my connection. I did all the usual; check cables, close and reconnect, reboot the computer. Nothing worked.

So I called Qwest and they decided it was the modem and said another one would be delivered on Tuesday. Tuesday? I would be without Internet for the rest of Sunday, Monday, and possibly most of Tuesday? Could I do that?

Okay. Breathe. I can handle this.

I didn't handle it very well. I tried doing visual journal pages (a couple of which you can see above.) I read. I complained. I patted my computer as I walked by feeling lost.

And I realized how much this has taken over my life. It seems so sad. I never thought I would be to this point. Oddly, what I missed the most was my Blog. I don't post as often as I'd like but when I couldn't post I felt so out of touch.

In the meantime, my daughter called to tell me my friend, Lydia, became a grandma (she saw it on Facebook.) Jessica is in Washington and Lydia and the grandson are in Florida. Now how sad is that?

Like it or not the Internet is taking over our lives... and it's up to us to make that a good thing by sharing our highs and lows, dreams, inspiration, victories and the wonders of every day life.

And to welcome new life and hope into the world.
Welcome Hayden. Congratulations Lydia and Family.


  1. Rita
    A similar thing happened to me last week. Our server was down and not only could I not get on my yahoo groups or my blog, I couldn't get any email for a couple of days! Yikes! How quickly we become used to all the interaction!!

  2. Hey there Rita, my name is Brian and I'm a manager with Qwest. I ran across your blog post, and wanted to reach out and apologize your modem & internet went down this weekend. I also want to make sure everything is working properly now, so please let me know if it's not, and I'll be happy to help out. You can e-mail me at TalkToUs@Qwest.com if you need help.

    And to comment on your post, it is funny how "Lost" and "out of touch" we become without internet. Leave's one wondering....what DID we do before internet & social media?? Life without Facebook....did that really exist?? :0)

    Thanks Rita,

    Talk To Qwest Team
    Qwest Communications

  3. This is great .. okay .. not as great as getting your new modem first thing Monday, but still a refreshing response! Brian even took time to read your post .. so you know it wasn't a robo response! By the way ...your pages are wonderful .. so dreamy!

  4. Your spreads are beautiful! So creamy and dreamy...
    You should have seen me when my whole laptop went, over a year ago. Hubby didn't want to replace it because he didn't really think I needed one. PANIC. Talk about being crabby. I did get one after about a month :-) LOL. I don't know what I would do without my Mac.

  5. Just happened by your blog and I'm so glad I did - its a really beautiful place to visit. Look forward to following your lovely work.


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