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Sunday, February 7, 2010

If your brain was a house...

At my Writers Inspiration Group this week the leader presented us with the following prompt...

If your brain was a house what would it look like?

I started to describe a little cottage with a neat little British garden but realized in the first sentence that although that may be how I wish my brain looked it certainly doesn't.

Then a picture of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California came to mind. Perfect. I have been there twice and was completely enchanted both times. It is a huge Victorian style house built by the widow of the owner of the Winchester Rifle Company. She believed in spirits and had many contacts with psychics of the time. One of them told her she had to have seances every day and that if she ever stopped building she would die and the Indians would torment her. She fired that psychic but hired another. She hired a crew of builders and for the next 30 some years building went on in her house twenty-four hours a day.

Daisy Winchester also believed she could fool the spirits by having staircases that go nowhere, doors that open only on to walls, secret panels and cupboards upon cupboards.

That describes my mind so well. I have thoughts and ideas that go nowhere and some that get lost in the planning. Thoughts and memories that are hidden away in cupboards and others hidden in cupboards behind those cupboards. There are open areas like the skylights and ornate windows and dark areas like the basement.

My goal this week is to make an art journal page using pictures I took on one of my visits to the Winchester House. I will share it with you soon.